Your World

I think, therefore I am.

This is one of the most fundamental thoughts of our ancestors. To be able to think is what proves that we exist within our world. The simple phrase assumes the idea that we are separate from our world. More importantly, it assumes that the world existed before us.

Every culture has their own origin story describing how we came to exist here on this world. The one thing all origin stories share is the idea that the world came before us.

Scientists have an origin story too. It’s a wild story with epic scenes filled with explosions and underdogs. The amazing part of our scientific origin story is that all its parts can be explained. No part of the story relies on magic!

Although many parts of your world may seem magical, it can all be explained either by nature or by something made by other humans. In other words, the world is made up of stuff we can’t change, and stuff we can.

The stuff we can’t change, otherwise called the universe, can be studied and predicted based on patterns observed repeatedly. After generations of research, we have discovered widespread patterns to apply to everything in the natural universe.

The stuff we can change, otherwise called society, can also be studied by generations of researchers. The key difference between the universe and society is that we have the power to change society. It doesn’t mean human creations are simple, society can sometimes be even more complicated than the natural world!

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