Your Human

You exist in this thing we call reality. You are able to interact with the world around you, even reading these words, all thanks to the human you’re riding around in.

A human is essentially a giant machine made up of a bunch of smaller machines. Of course, this is taking a pretty loose definition of the word “machine.” Normally, a machine is something that a person designs to do some function.

The most effective machines are ones that stay in a consistent environment: some machines need to be plugged in, some machines can’t be in water. Therefore, a machine in a constantly changing environment must adapt and change with the environment.

Using what we know about Your World, we have a basic history of the major changes of our universe and how your “human machine” adapted to them. The adaptations are based on the world we lived in mixed with some of what our ancestors passed down to us from the world they lived in.

It is very easy to see complex machinery and think, “There must be some blueprint,” but please stave off that thought. You must remember that all of these machines exist because they were the best suited to do the job based on what was available to the best suited before them. It can be tempting to think that change over time is due to a decision or plan, but it is all based on randomness.

The randomness is why it’s so amazing that any of this even exists at all.

I’ve split up Your Human into three general categories, each helps to inform the others.

body solo

brain solo

powers solo

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