The Feeling

Have you ever been madly in love with someone? I mean completely IN LOVE with someone. I’m talking about the “Spend the rest of your life with a person” level, even for just a moment. It’s overwhelming and indescribable, and I call it the Feeling.

You can’t think straight because so much of your attention is on that person and you wouldn’t want it any other way. You’ve found your soulmate, the person who perfectly complements every part of your personality. You are attracted to this person on a physical, emotional, and intellectual level.

If we were to chart out a neurograph of you at this moment, the character representing your soulmate forms synapses to yourself all over the brain. A synapse causes pleasure and a larger synapse causes even more pleasure. When you’re experience the Feeling, you’re forming synapses all over your brain; that means a lot of pleasure!

You create the Feeling for yourself when you are in love but multiple sites of the neurograph can be activated chemically. Drugs that give you a high feeling are actually just activating different portions of your brain and the overall release of pleasure is that high feeling.

Some drugs will have more access to visual memory, causing hallucinations. Other drugs encourage more synapses and might open up access some neural paths while completely neglecting others. This is why you might have amazing ideas, but also why it is easy to forget the words you’re looking for or chores you’re supposed to do.

The chemical stimulation to give the Feeling is foreign and temporary as your transport system will clean it out of you eventually. The only way to experience the Feeling to its fullest is to stimulate the many sites yourself, without chemical aid.

It can be hard to naturally experience the Feeling without a loved one. That’s where enlightenment comes in. To reach enlightenment, you must learn who and what you are in the greater context of your world. When you understand what you are in terms of particles, living things, humans, society, and classifications, you can truly know yourself.

An enlightened brain is one that can access information from all over the neurograph and synapse it to themselves. If you have ever found religion and bought in entirely, it is because you now know your place in your world and can synapse yourself to a grander story. The result is a the Feeling which is often called a rebirth in religious contexts.

Enlightenment often feels as though you are leaving your body in a dream-like state. The reason for this is simply the activation of more neurons in the mental plane. Activating more neurons pulls the limited consciousness away from the Organism and gives the feeling of “transcendence” to what some call Nirvana or heaven. This Manual is meant to give you the tools and information needed to understand the truth of what you are and how to discover your role.

You have the ability to create this Feeling all on your own anytime you wish. All you need to do to is gather information about yourself. We finally know the full story of where we came from and how we work. Humans have used their powerful brains to manipulate their environment and change the world around them, it’s time to use your brain to hack into your brain.

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