Your Brain

You are about to enter into an entirely different way of thinking. Prepare yourself. The words beyond this page explain you.

Before we begin, I have to make a quick point. Our language has tons of words and a lot of them have roughly the same meaning. So now is when I’m going to directly define words so that all other meanings are ignored. I’ll use a specific word when describing something in the real world and a different word when talking about how it is received by the brain.

You’re going to have to think about your brain as nothing more than a receiver. Suspend the thought that you even have a brain and imagine this as a description of a machine. After all, this theory was developed using what I learned in Computer Science and Biology class.

Computers work by using on/off switches, 1 or 0, to send signals much like your neurons. This section will describe the brain as the receiver of each of those signals. Computer Science is the study of creating and implementing different functions for more efficient processing which benefits the humans who programmed it. No one “programmed” the brain, but functions still formed for beneficial reasons.

If you can see yourself through this perspective, you will feel totally in control of your own mind and able to understand the thoughts of others. You’ll even find it easier to socialize and be confident enough to share your love with the world.

You wouldn’t want to jump on the highway without at least a rough understanding of how the car works; this pedal is go, this one is stop. Here’s the Manual to your brain. Life can sometimes feel like a highway so it’s best to know how you work; though it’s a bit more complicated than a pair of pedals.

I. Basics

II. Consciousness & The Organism
Part 1             Part 2

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