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What does it mean?

If you’ve ever talked with a child, you know their favorite word is “why?” The human brain is wired to receive pleasure from learning and we’ll do anything for pleasure. In fact, questioning is how our ancestors survived for long enough for you to exist! They questioned, “How can I use what’s around me to my advantage?”

When we ask questions, we learn. When we learn, we come up with more questions. Our ancestors couldn’t have dreamed of the questions that our children ask today. Without questions, we would not have progressed to this point in time.

Question the Universe

Those who question the universe are called scientists, as long as they write down their findings. Our ancestors questioned anything they could and came up with stories to explain the unexplainable. As we asked more questions, we learned and we found more questions to ask.

Today, we have a nearly complete explanation of much of our universe. The answers to the questions asked by our ancestors replace the stories they told when they did not know. If it hadn’t been for those questioning humans before us, we would not know what we do now nor would our technology be nearly this advanced. The more we understand about our universe, the more we can manipulate it. The only way to learn more is to ask more questions.

What we’ve learned so far tells us there is no meaning to our existence beyond what we create for ourselves. It is only because we dare to ask the question, “What does it all mean?” that there is meaning at all!

Question Others

Nobody knows everything. If they did, they couldn’t learn anything new and life would be pretty boring. Instead, everyone’s perspective is limited; this means two things. First, it means you know something nobody else does. Second, everybody else knows something that you don’t. Whether you are actually interested in what someone else knows will vary from case to case, but there is always something to learn.

Question others because you are surrounded by people who all have knowledge that you don’t. When they answer you, question their answers. Go verify what they told you with someone else or with the Internet. If you want to know something, question as many people as you can for that information until you know it’s right.

Question Yourself

Your perception is your reality, what you believe to be true is true to you. However, you learned your truths at some point and when you did, you changed from who you were before. The more you learn, the more you change. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to go back and question yourself.

As of right now, you are the most experienced and wisest version of yourself that has ever existed. You from yesterday, last year, or last decade has less knowledge than you do now. For that reason, it’s up to the wisest version of you to verify all that you’ve learned before you reached this level of wisdom.

Questioning yourself means you must prepare for the possibility that one of your truths might be wrong. We often fight tooth and nail to believe that we are right, but you must remember that it’s okay to be wrong. The only thing that matters is whether you learn. If your entire world comes crashing down on you because one of your fundamental truths turned out to be a lie, you’ll still exist and you can still move forward, wiser than before.

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