Your Origins

From the beginning of everything to this moment right now, you’re about to read a 14 billion-year-long story. The (1) Origin of the Universe can be explained, but it means you’re about to learn string theory. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense.

You’ll learn how the stars and planets formed by (2) Accretion, which covers astronomy. You’ll learn how the (3) Geochemical cycles of our planet effect (4) Plate Tectonics & Erosion, explaining the important concepts of geology. These sections describe the basic processes of any Earth-like planet.

Roughly 3.5 billion years ago marked the (5) Origin of Life and the next few billion years allowed for the adaptation of (6) Early Cellular Processes until (7) Symbiosis changed everything about life.

More advanced organisms underwent (8) Cell Type Development. Cell types means more complex organisms. You’ll learn about (9) Sex & Diversity and how we are merely a branch on a single tree of life. Biology is a really broad science but it will all make sense, though explained in slightly different words.

The (10) History of Life on Earth offers a very zoomed back perspective of our planet’s history. Although (11) The homo Line doesn’t appear on Earth until a few hundred thousand years ago, we’ve made a huge impact on our world.

Now is when we get into humans. From the forests of Africa, (12) Human Migration & Settlement has taken our species across the entire planet. We’ve created new technology to bring about (13) Industrialization, allowing for even faster globalization.

Today we live in the second (14) Information Age and we’ve become more interconnected than ever. Unfortunately, there are many problems with (15) The Current State of the world. But every problem has a cause and if we can discover the cause, we can find a solution.

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