Human Tenets

Humans belong to a scientific group called homo which is Latin for “man” or “same as us,” since we labelled it. Scientists love using Latin which makes some of the names confusing, but then overly obvious once you know the translation.

The title homo sapien is used to describe modern day humans. Our group has included a few others like homo habilis and homo erectus. Homo habilis, or “handy man,” could manipulate sticks, rocks, and bones to use as tools. Homo erectus, or “upright man,” could stand up tall and walk long distances on just two legs.

In the story of what makes us human, there aren’t specific points when our species “evolved;” that’s not how evolution works. Instead the species label is given much later by humans who seem to put everything into categories. The world isn’t made up of categories, everything is a spectrum.

Life is a spectrum of organisms that we’ve categorized so much that we’ve forgotten our relationship with the rest of our world. Modern day scientists call us homo sapien to mean “wise man” but most of us have forgotten or do not wish to believe our true origin story. I think it’s time we added a new category to the spectrum of life: homo sentient, “aware man.”

If a scientist can slap a label onto a group of similar organisms, so can I! I am a scientist, after all, and science simply requires you to ask questions and accept just the evidence. If you wish to “evolve” to the next step toward progressing to the Enlightened Age, you only need to follow the four Human Tenets. (this list is organized from easiest to hardest)

1. Question
2. Listen
3. Empathize
4. Trust

In every set of beliefs, there are a few basic principles that must be followed. Often, they force us to act against our natural instincts. If you’ve ever tried to go on a diet, you know how difficult it is to resist your organismal impulses. And yet, so many of us subscribe to principles that require us to repress our instincts. Some people even say those instincts are what “makes us human,” but I disagree.

The traits that make us human are the same ones that led to our dominance of this planet and the discovery of the world around us. The deepest principles, or tenets, followed by humans should reflect the way humans actually work. Each must be practiced by choice, it cannot be forced on you nor can it be done for you.

Following each tenet increases your awareness of the world around you. Practicing the tenets will help you become aware of your surroundings, yourself, and your society. Adhering to all four Human Tenets can help you to become Aware, otherwise called enlightened or “woke.”

Enlightenment is coming. The Human Tenets can guide you to personal, social, and existential enlightenment. I can only give you the tools, it’s up to you to put in the work. Don’t worry, you’ve got a life’s worth of time ahead of you.

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