Purpose of the Manual

Everything that is made is done so with a purpose in mind. The purpose of something is the intended end result and it is helpful to know so that your intentions can align with the purpose. The purpose of Your Human Manual is split into three goals:

  1. To give you the tools to understand yourself and everything around you
  2. To raise questions that you have the means to answer for yourself
  3. To offer an alternative perspective on the knowledge we have gathered as a species

This Manual does not explain everything, nor is it intended to. Rather, every section is meant to give you a brief overview of a subject and how it fits into the whole as well as a suggested perspective on that information. It is up to you to verify the information for yourself and extrapolate the concepts to your everyday life.

You must verify the information I give you because you should question everything, including me. With the Internet and a list of questions, you have the means to discover much more than you knew even existed! The sections will use general examples to convey a concept but it is important for you to know that the concepts apply to much, much more than just the given examples.

The Manual should get you asking questions and equip you with the tools to answer your own questions. Practice questioning things you haven’t thought to question since you were a young child constantly asking “Why?” Why does the fog leave the mirror when I turn the fan on? Why is that person moving his lips but not talking when thinking to himself? Why do I feel like eating ice cream right now? Question everything because it all has an answer.

My mom used to say “Perception is reality,” meaning the way you look at life dictates how your life is. For example, let’s say your friend’s date canceled on her. You could cheer her up by suggesting that now there’s time to do something with you. Her date canceled but she’s not upset since she can have fun with you instead.

Your Human Manual is meant to empower your already curious mind while sending you on a specific course to understand what you are and where you come from. There is a lot of information here, so while you’re reading try to apply what you learn. Stop and ask questions. Try to apply behavioral concepts to people you meet, or satisfy your curiosity by looking up a more specific history of an event or group.

You are a human and you have the right to understand your existence. You have the choice to see it through my perspective. Your tools are already in hand, the rest is up to you. Good luck!

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