Your Human Manual

Brief Table of Contents
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If you are reading this, it means you exist and you’re alive! Both of those things are amazing and if you’re a human, it means you’ve joined our global society on the Internet. Welcome!

Sadly, to be alive means you must die someday. The time in between will be filled with love and loss. You will experience joy and loneliness. This life can be difficult and harsh, but a change in perspective can help in those troubling times.

Take this, a guide to existence as we know it. After all, it’s dangerous to go alone.

Your Human Manual is structured like brain button: scattered but interlinking. That means you are bound to read through the pages of this online encyclopedia in an order that nobody else has read before.

You’ll learn all about where you came from and what you’re made of. You’ll learn about how you think and how our world got the way it is. When we look at evidence and the teachings of our ancestors,  we find truth and wisdom.

Our questioning eyes let us identify the historical and logical steps from nothing to now; while our listening ears let us combine old ideas to make new ones. After all, dreaming up a better world for tomorrow starts with an idea.

Upon exploring these pages, you’ll find that there is an overload of information. This is not a book you’ll read cover to cover. You’ll find yourself getting distracted and sidetracked as you delve deeper into the Manual. Remember, it’s designed like your brain: you have to focus to get anything out of it.

If you have no idea where to start,

I recommend beginning at the beginning… of the universe. origin buttoncan be explained by our scientific understanding of universe button and body button. Humans don’t show up in the Origin story until the last few sections.

You’ll notice that there are way more sections about society button and brain button even though we make up a tiny blip of the overall story. That’s because our progress has been accelerating and we are lucky enough to live in the time of the Internet, the cause of the fastest rate of progress in history.

In an uncertain world, you’ll need to prepare in order to survive and thrive. Learning how a machine works means you can control the machine. Learning how you work means you can control you.

If you can learn why your brain works the way it does, you can discover powers button. This section offers new perspectives to consider to live a better life. You’ll discover how to love yourself, how to find happiness, even how to be cool! It’s my favorite section and the reason I made the Manual.

We are human, our greatest asset is our ability to learn and adapt. In Your Human Manual, you will learn how we have adapted over millions of years to understand and change the world into what it is now.

Our knowledge allows us to see the vastness of the universe. That knowledge also forces us to accept how tiny we are. In that humility, we can appreciate how great it is that we exist at all.

We are humble, we are great; we are human.