Part of The Show

You are a human, meaning you have a mental plane capable of building universes that you can share with others allowing them to build their own universe. Within a single universe that you create, you may have characters. Those characters can interact with each other and the universe in ways that you can anticipate based on how much you know about the characters you created.

Among all the universes that exist within the mental planes of all the humans, there exists only one that both you and I truly exist: I call it the Show.

Let’s say that you build a universe to represent the coming weekend. You are excited to finally hang out with that special someone and you anticipate everything going smoothly. The weekend comes and your special someone isn’t behaving like you anticipated. This is because the version of them in your universe was controlled by you since you created the character.

The real person will not always behave like you anticipate because they are not you. You both exist in the Show and you both have the ability to build universes and create characters of each other. The only universe that truly matters is the one where you both exist.

When you build a universe, you can choose to make it very similar to the Show while changing very minor things. For example, if you are waiting at the DMV, you can build a universe where everything is the same except one person has tentacles coming out of their head.part-of-show

Universes can be vastly different than the Show with entirely different laws of physics and history like Middle Earth or that galaxy far, far away. Both of these universes have a rich history filled with compelling stories and a huge amount is still unknown. To those of you who love to consume information about expansive universes, allow me to introduce you to the Show.

It’s been about 14 billion years and what a wild ride it has been! We are just a tiny blip at the tail end of the Show, though when you think about the countless stories that have been experienced by humans, you can get a better appreciation for just how detailed our brief history has been. The best part: it’s starring you! You are yet another person among the billions of humans that have existed before you and you get to be here at such an amazing time!

Taking part in the Show isn’t like taking part in your own universes, what you build in your mental plane doesn’t actually exist in the physical world. You need to be aware that your actions in the Show have an affect on other people. With every cemented action you make, you change the course of the Show irrevocably, much like the “butterfly effect.”

You have the ability to build universes and within each universe, you can create an expansive web of the possible effects an action would have. The more you know about your world, the more accurate your universes are to the Show. Even if the Show goes nothing like you planned in your universe, just know that you will adapt; you will always adapt.

William Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage and all men and women merely players.” You are part of this incredible journey and you get to be a part of shaping the future. Shakespeare was right, life is a giant story; choose the role of your dreams and join us. Your part in the Show starts now.

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