Your Powers

Throughout our history, we’ve created stories of people who were stronger or smarter than ourselves as a source of inspiration. We gave these story characters powers beyond that of a normal human but it caused a problem when we examined ourselves. By comparison, we are weak compared with Hercules, cowardly compared with Captain America, or stupid compared with Sherlock Holmes. These character’s super powers lead us to forget about our own human powers, but you absolutely have powers!

The most basic, yet probably the most important, power is your ability to learn. Einstein defined insanity as “doing something over and over again, but expecting a different result.” Learning allows you to adapt and change your behavior. Our ability to share, coupled with our learning, gives us an advantage over the competition and elevates every member of our groups. “A group is stronger than the sum of its parts,” this is because a group can share its knowledge and wealth amongst its members.

We are not alone in this life. We will meet and interact with plenty of other humans throughout our global society. Learning to love others comes in handy to let you see the intention of others. With enough practice, you can automate your empathy to constantly see the world through the eyes of the people around you. When you see all the similarities between you and everyone around you, you can break any labels that put you into a specific group. Once you’re free of labels, and the expectations that come with them, you can focus on the parts of you that are different and revel in them because they are what make you cool.

While it’s nice to know your place among the people around you, it’s important to remember that you are an individual. You have a brain that is capable of building universes and creating stories to live in! You can subscribe to the stories of others or you can choose your own purpose for the brief time you have before you die. Our powers cannot prevent death, though they can help you to embrace death as motivation to actually live your life.

During this life, there will be good times and there will be tough times. Understanding how your brain works means you understand how to best react to both good and bad. You can unpack memories to delve into the details to better understand yourself. After all, you’re stuck with you so you might as well learn to love yourself.

When you see yourself from an outside perspective, you can recognize the parts of you that are practiced enough to ride the auto. You can also reach enlightenment by combining your perspective with an outside one to truly see who you are from multiple points of view. Once you learn the truth about yourself and your history, you can reach eternity.

This life will not be all roses and sunshine. In your quest to find happiness, you may discover that you must calm your anxiety or beat depression when your thoughts are overtaken by fear or apathy. Do not forget that you are a machine and all machines can be reprogrammed. Take some time to learn how your brain and body work to truly find your body and trust in the unknown. If you can manage all this, you will be ready to close god once and for all to take credit for all of the love and wisdom that god has provided you throughout your life.

Among all the universes that exist beyond our own and within the minds of every human, there is one reality that we all share and I call it the Show. You are a part of the Show and it’s so good to have you! The world is always changing and it’s because of you that the world will never be the same. It’s up to you to make your life what you want it to be.

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