B.2.31 – Sex

Defined Words: sexual reproduction, pornography, makeup


Sexual reproduction is a Basic Function necessary for the continued survival of a species. Reproducing is a highly important function and the release of pleasure from performing the sexual acts keeps our consciousness close to it. The opportunity of having sex excites us because we expect pleasure and possibly love.

Sexual attraction is a form of visual and physical love synapsed to self. The “sexiest” people are those that most resemble the basic human form. People in good shape are attractive because muscles resemble a healthy human meaning a healthy offspring. Think about the features of an attractive person: the jawline, the back muscles, even the hands or feet. The features we see as sexually attractive are the ones that are similar to the ideal human.

We are attracted to what gives our offspring the best chance at survival; this could be hips or breasts for a female and muscles or wealth for a male. While wealth is not a physical characteristic, it does offer an easier life for your offspring in our society.

Sex releases pleasure and the popularization of it allows for niche exploration to seek out more pleasure. How many couples have tried something new in bed to “spice things up?” Some individuals are sexually attracted to behaviors not normal to their everyday life. Given the taboo nature of sex, most of the diversification comes in the form of an entertainment industry called pornography.

Humans can find a way to make anything entertaining and since everyone has the means to simulate sexual interactions, adding visual and auditory stimulus gives the next best alternative to the real thing. The Internet opened up a new market for the porn industry and it is now one of the best examples of diversification and niche exploration. There are some truly “unique” videos out there and the ease of access will only cause habituation and allow for further exploration. The sheer size of the porn industry is evidence of how Basic sex is.

While our brains are wired nearly the same way, men and women are held up to very different expectations when it comes to sex. Due to the strength difference between men and women, thanks to estrogen, men were able to claim dominance over women. This dominance meant that males could develop a role for females to accept. Since women’s most “advantageous purpose” was pleasurable sex and childbirth, the ones who were most attractive were better suited to have a good life.

Girls were trained by both men and women to want to be called “pretty” or “beautiful” and they recognized that every other girl was a competitor. Wealthy men wanted the most attractive women and to be married to a wealthy man was seen as a total success by many women.

This trend continued through generations and became more extreme with the implementation of visual media. Actresses were cast to fill the role, made by men, to be attractive. It has taken a long time for women to get actual lines and story about them, but even today they must still have a sex appeal.

Advertising companies understand the innate appeal of sex and they use it to sell their products. You’ve heard the phrase “sex sells” because it’s true. A potential male buyer looking at an ad will naturally look at an attractive woman which gives that product a better chance of being bought. Advertisements also use attractive women to sell to women by a different path of logic. An ad with a beautiful woman is meant to appeal to a woman’s potential, how she could look if she uses this product. Unfortunately, the standard of beauty has become unrealistic but women still feel as though they have to live up to the extreme standard made by the companies.

There is an expectation of women to be physically attractive for the sake of men enjoying the view. Women are now forced by competition to paint themselves with makeup in order to reach an established level of beauty. You might think girls can just stop wearing makeup but the social hierarchy of attractiveness means prettier girls are seen as better. Because makeup has become habituated, one girl choosing not to use it means she is significantly lower in the hierarchy than the population of women who continue to use it out of fear of lowering their rank of attractiveness.

A society established on intelligence must view its members based on their intelligence. The reproductive organs of an individual have nothing to do with the intelligence organs and therefore should be ignored as a difference. Focusing on convincing girls to obsess over the appearance of a bunch of dead cells is just unfair. As of now, we live in a male dominated empire where women are expected to fulfill a specific role. Half of the planet is seen as lesser than the other half simply because of a set of organs that have nothing to do with their intelligence.

Sex can be a fun activity that stimulates pleasure and triggers your love for the human being with whom you are sharing the activity. Those who have the ability to separate the love from the pleasure have the ability to have sex with many different people, although the love isn’t triggered much with it. These people understand that sex can be an activity as well as something more.

Those who have not separated love and pleasure, and who also synapse sex to the stories of love, have a much harder time accepting sex with multiple partners. Many of these people believe in a storybook version of love in which they will find their soulmate and bond through physical love. These people are afraid to break the storybook narrative in their own lives out of fear they’ll miss out on the “real thing.” How many of us have passed up on sex or love because we think there’s something greater out there waiting for us?

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